Our SEO copywriting services focus on smartly investing time and energy in the creation of appealing texts which contain the proper, conversion-focused keywords.

SEO copywriting services by Black Donkey Lab

It is of crucial importance that you fill your website with unique and original texts. Be aware that this is a good start but still insufficient to rank as high as possible in search engines such as Google.

The unique texts need to be built around the right, conversion-focused keywords (these are keywords with sufficient search volume and feasible competition).

This process of smartly implementing the proper keywords on the website is our specialisation and strength. Are you looking for a clever SEO copywriting partner with extensive experience? Contact us now to discuss how we could be of service.

All our copywriting texts focus on your clients

Apart from the entire process of statistical and technical search engine optimisation, one should not forget that boring egocentric text does not work.

Google knows (through Google Analytics) how long visitors stay on your website and web pages, whether they instantly leave the web page, etc. If your pages and website are not user-friendly, your website will rank lower in the search engine results.

What’s In It For Me needs to be the focus

The key to success is to create unique texts which offer value to your readers. We always write original website texts which you can not find anywhere else online. In agreement with you, we dare to share your insights and knowledge online and we are not afraid of giving away too much. On the contrary, we stimulate you to clearly explain and demonstrate how you solve your customers’ problems.

We always focus on the customer and his/her pain points and problems. Nobody is interested in parameters and technical specifications of your services and/or products. Forget classic write-ups with specifications and boring parameters which actually do not mean very much to the majority of your website visitors.

Strike a chord with your visitors

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What does interest people, however, is how you can help them to solve their problems, how you could make their company stronger and better, how you offer a unique solution to their problem, etc.

Your texts do not need to cover your company and the specifications of your services and products. They need to focus on your customer and how your customer can benefit from partnering with your company.

For the sake of clarity: All texts, images, videos, etc. that you make, you publish online with a good reason. You do not do this for fun. You do this to generate prospects and leads. In order to succeed at this, your texts need to be appealing and insightful. In other words, someone who is not familiar with your company needs to be seized with an overwhelming “Wow!” feeling while reading and consuming your content.

The content on your website needs to demonstrate knowledge, expertise and insight. A website visitor needs to understand immediately that he/she can count on you to find a solution for his/her problem.

So always approach this from this point of view. Try to connect with your readers by addressing recognisable situations or examples and how your company found a solution for these cases.

As soon as you can achieve this, you gain trust and confidence and you can start a dialogue with the prospective customer.

We always try to match your product and service offerings with the problems of your target audience. This requires business intellect, a good feel for language, know-how about SEO copywriting and expertise in statistical keyword research.

Our approach

First and foremost, we always organise an in-depth conversation to understand the nature and the activities of your company. It is crucial for us to understand who your customers are and which problems you solve for them.

Next, we use our professional software to purposefully do keyword research for markets and languages in which you are already active. We identify keywords with high potential (decent volume with acceptable competition) and we match these with the pages of your website.

This is our absolute strength as we go way further than solely matching product names and services with your website’s pages. We investigate which keywords people use and only build the page after this careful analysis.

A small example as illustration

Imagine you sell air purifiers. You have a certain type of air purifier in your catalogue, namely the Super Air Flow Golden Edition. After reading the product details, we understand that this product is an ionising air purifier.

The average website builder would quickly build a page with this product name as focus keyword. We wouldn’t. We go the extra mile and go against the flow. We analyse what this air purifier is and does and then go more in depth.

For example, it could be possible that nobody searches for “super air flow golden edition”. In other words, this keyword phrase could have a monthly search volume of zero in your target market. While it could be that the monthly search volume for the keyword phrase “buy ionising air purifier” amounts to 20.

If we determine that the competition for this keyword phrase is acceptable by using our software, then we DO NOT optimise this product page for the product’s name “super air flow golden edition”.

We DO optimise the product page for the keyword phrase “buy ionising air purifier”, which offers way more potential (also concerning conversion since this keyword phrase includes the word “buy” – an obvious intention to actually BUY the product).

We always write professional, conversion-focused texts which focus on the customer and how his/her problem could be solved. We never utilise an egocentric writing style but everything is focused on the customer.

In a nutshell, this is how these texts and accompanying images are optimised for the search engines.

Advantages of our SEO copywriting services

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Writing good and appealing texts for your website is not easy. Do you not have enough time? Or do you not feel like writing these texts? Or do you realise the opportunity cost is way too big (you lose a lot of time with it which you cannot use to boost your sales and revenue)? Or do your co-workers and yourself have other talents?

Then you have arrived at the right place to enjoy our SEO copywriting services and to lessen your workload. And at the same time you can reinforce your company online.

SEO copywriting is a long-term effort. It is an investment in your digital business card from which you will be able to continuously reap the benefits in the future.

A continuous stream of unique, original and appealing content on your website causes a snowball effect in the long run. The more content, the more visibility your website gets, the more this content gets shared on social media, the more links to your web pages, etc.

High-quality texts on your website which have been carefully written with SEO copywriting rules in mind, have the following advantages:

  • Your website ranks higher and more often for a large variety of long tail keywords.
  • By focusing on the client, the content becomes appealing and stimulating for potential customers to contact you. This also implies that the lead conversion ratio increases. In other words, there will be more website visitors contacting you through the website (and converting into leads).
  • Perception is EVERYTHING and this also applies to the online world. A solid website with many valuable pieces of unique information can certainly count as a demonstration of your professionalism!
  • Thanks to the hiqh-quality information, you boost the number of returning visitors. Google can easily determine this and consequently reward your website by boosting your website’s ranking in the search results.

SEO Copywriting Services – Give priority to longer texts

Gone are the days when a certain web page with 200 words of text could play a role of significance.

Recent research suggests that the top 3 pages in Google for a specific keyword contain minimum 2000 words on average.

You are reading this correctly, Google prefers long-form content over thin content and even punishes websites with lots of thin content. When outsourcing the copywriting of SEO texts, it is crucial to appoint a partner who is capable of writing unique texts which also have a sufficient length.

This kind of pages with long-form content increase your authority online and demonstrate you are the reference in your field of expertise.

Are you interested in our SEO copywriting services, in a professional content marketing strategy, or in our overall approach as content marketing agency? Then contact us without obligations.

You can also count on us for periodic SEO copywriting services according to a content calendar.

With such an approach, our SEO copywriting services strengthen your website in the long run.

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