Advertising on LinkedIn means advertising on the world’s largest professional social network with more than 500 million members worldwide. It is a very interesting channel to effectively show advertisements in a B2B environment.

Two methods to enjoy visibility on LinkedIn

You basically have two options to get in touch with members of the LinkedIn network: Through organic reach (for free) or through paid advertising.

Organic reach and visibility

Your company can build a professional business page on LinkedIn. This page can contain your logo, information about your products and services, etc.

On this business page, you can publish posts which can then be found and read by LinkedIn’s users.

These posts can also be displayed in the newsfeed of the users who follow the LinkedIn page of your company.

However, this method of organic free reach to display posts and messages is completely without guarantees. You are completely dependent on LinkedIn’s algorithm to enjoy visibility for free.

Paid LinkedIn advertisement

Another option to show your message to the right people is to opt for paid advertising on LinkedIn. This offers you 100% certainty that your message will be shown to the profiles you wish to reach.

LinkedIn offers various advertisement formats such as:

  • Sponsored Content – This option boosts a post you publish on your LinkedIn page. You pay to show this message to the profiles of choice on desktop, smartphone and tablet (or any other special combination is also possible).
  • Text Ads – This kind of advertisement only consists of text and usually is cheaper. You can definitely leverage it to generate leads with it but the success of this ad type largely depends on your niche and offer.
  • Sponsored InMail message in the members’ inbox – You can also decide to display an ad in the inbox of your target group. This costs more but by using the proper valuable message, this can make this ad format very successful.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need help with paid advertising on LinkedIn. Our LinkedIn marketing agency assists you from A to Z. We offer a professional service and always focus on lead generation.

Advertising on LinkedIn – What are the advantages?

advertising on linkedin to generate clients

Advertising on LinkedIn gives you access to the world’s largest professional social network online. On LinkedIn, you have the opportunity to reach a target group which is busy with online networking in a professional environment. It is a more formal network than Facebook for example.

This could be the ultimate place to breathe new life into your Business-To-Business activities.

We can assist you with targeting the proper professional profiles with an attractive message which reflects your corporate identity and products and/or services.

LinkedIn offers a multitude of options to segment its user base and to target the proper user profiles. Segmentation on LinkedIn is possible from a professional angle. More specifically, you can target LinkedIn users based on their:

  • Job Function
  • Company Name
  • Company Industry
  • Years of Experience
  • Member Gender
  • Member Age
  • Company Size (determined by number of employees)
  • Member Language
  • Location, etc./li>

Are you interested in advertising on the world’s largest Business-To-Business channel? Then our LinkedIn marketing agency can help you with a professional ad campaign.

As LinkedIn marketing agency, we guide you from A to Z and advertise through your own account and company page while staying in line with your corporate identity and norms and values? We never launch a marketing campaign without your approval for a specific marketing funnel.

LinkedIn is a powerful instrument in the Business-To-Business environment and is perfectly suited to deliver a specific message to a very specific professional target audience.

During the marketing campaign, statistics of the ad campaign are gathered which can be consulted through the dashboard of the LinkedIn platform. You can always check these statistics yourself as the ad campaigns run through your own account.

Contact us for more information about advertising on LinkedIn.

Costs of LinkedIn Advertising – LinkedIn marketing agency

advertising on linkedin professional guidance by linkedin marketing agency black donkey lab

The advantage of running an ad campaign on LinkedIn is the platform’s flexibility. You do not need to be a multinational in order to run a successful ad campaign on LinkedIn.

It is a fact that LinkedIn’s cost per thousand views is higher than on other social media channels such as Facebook or Instagram.

But this does not matter as we talk about a Business-To-Business environment in which there are typically fewer clients which generate a higher revenue compared to a pure Business-To-Consumer environment.

Hence, the cost per lead can easily be a bit higher in a B2B environment as the cost and revenue structure is different in such a business context.

You can always contact our LinkedIn marketing agency to communicate your wishes and needs. After consulting each other, we then outline a plan including a predetermined ad budget. Through the back-end of LinkedIn’s platform, we can easily and flexibly monitor the predetermined ad budget in order to not overspend.

Start now with LinkedIn advertising and reach your country’s largest professional audience online with a specific problem-solving offer!