Our link building solutions can give you a competitive edge over your competitors. We build high-quality links on other websites which point to your website. The automated crawlers of the search engines index these links.

On the one hand, this gives your website a higher trust ranking. This leads to higher rankings in the search results and more people visiting your website as a consequence.

On the other hand, these links also generate extra website visitors themselves as traffic flows from the website where the link is placed to your website.

High-quality link building explained for laypeople

Consider your website as your own digital city. You are the mayor of this city and your task is to make this city as prosperous as possible. You need to make sure the economy flourishes financially.

Hence your task as a mayor (manager of this digital city) is simple: Increase the number of people visiting your digital city (your website).

Consequently, you decide to contact other mayors of neighbouring cities and villages and also representatives of local governments. You ask them if they want to build a new access road to your digital city.

The more access roads are being built to your digital city (your website), the more new visitors your city will attract. The more visitors, the more commerce, the more the economy flourishes, etc.

You understand the concept and the analogy: Hiqh-quality link building is the process of building additional access roads and exits to your digital city. The goal is to attract more visitors and to increase the sales and revenue. In the digital world, these access roads and additional exits take the form of digital clickable links on other websites.

The process of collecting these links to your website on other websites is called link building.

High-quality link building means going the extra mile as you need to assure your website only gets ‘good’ access roads and exits pointing to it. As such, you avoid visitors from dodgy areas which you do not want any association with (spam websites etc.).

In the medium to long term, our high-quality link building solutions can boost your website traffic and the ranking of your web pages in Google’s search results.

Link building is a component of SEO optimisation

link building solutions analysis backlink profile by linkbuilding specialist

SEO optimisation mainly takes place on your own website (on-site and on-page).

The other side of SEO optimisation, which is called link building, partly takes place on your own website but also on other websites!

Link building on your own website is called internal link building with as main goals to make it easier for visitors to navigate on your website and to increase the time your visitors spend on your website. Additionally, this makes it easier for search engines to index your website. Furthermore, this allows you to boost your rankings in Google for certain pages on your website.

Link building on other websites is called external link building and the effect of this component of SEO optimisation heavily depends on the quality of the websites linking to your own website.

This component of SEO optimisation, which is acquiring natural and valuable backlinks, is complex in nature. That is why you should consider outsourcing this task to an SEO agency. Contact us without hesitation to check how we could be of service with our high-quality link building solutions.

Do you recognise the following situation?

The following example is based on numerous examples. It is likely you will recognise the following situation…

For a while now, you are trying to boost the rankings of your website’s pages in Google and other search engines.

You made a content calendar and you invested days in making and writing unique, clever and useful texts for visitors.

Furthermore, you also invested days of your time in building internal links and connecting your website’s pages just like Wikipedia does.

But after a year, a year and a half, two years, etc. something seems to be wrong… The massive influx of visitors fails to happen and your website’s pages are not capable of conquering the top positions in the search engines.

Apart from any on-site SEO optimisations (such as load time and user experience) which may be lacking, chances are your website does not have sufficient high-quality backlinks. Do not look for the problem elsewhere, it is very likely that the limited number of backlinks pointing to your website is the root of all evil.

The solution in such a situation is to start building high-quality backlinks. This is a process which takes time as it needs to happen in a natural way. It is a medium to long term investment. Do not expect to reap the benefits of it next week.

Are you interested in building backlinks for your website on relevant websites (from the same or niche-related industry)? And do you also wish to do this according to best practices? This means you wish to build backlinks on websites which are highly regarded by the search engines! Contact us without hesitation!

Such websites are few and far between but we know the way and have an extensive network. Based on our experience and expertise, we can propose custom link building solutions to you.

Build the future and assure a rising number of website visitors!

Link building solutions by Black Donkey Lab – Our approach

How we build valuable backlinks which offer added value for your company in the medium to long term:

  • Our copywriters write unique texts (including image(s) optimised for SEO) which cover the solutions your company is offering to solve certain problems. In these texts, we also refer to your specific services and/or products of course. These texts contain minimum 500 words and are unique.
  • Each unique text contains a do-follow link which refers to a specific page on your website. The link points to a destination page on your website which can use a boost in the search engine results.
  • Each unique text is published on a niche-related website. It is important to publish each unique text on websites which are related to your industry, company or market segment. The websites which publish these unique texts (including image(s)) all have a good reputation and authority.
  • We do not apply an old technique called exchanging links. We build backlinks on websites which do not have a connection with your website (also not link-wise). We do not organise a link exchange where your website links back to the website linking to your site.
  • Our experience enables us to apply this high-quality link building technique consistently. We always focus on organic growth. This means we gradually build backlinks and spread the efforts over time. Building 200 backlinks in one week is not our style. This kind of approach is not natural and can cause problems in the future.
  • To summarise: We can build high-quality backlinks for your website which are good value for money. You need to consider this area of SEO optimisation, just like SEO optimisation in general, as a medium to long term investment. As time goes by, your website starts climbing in the search results, you attract more and more vistors and you eventually boost your revenue and profit.

Are you interested in professional link building solutions and a strategy for the long term? Then do not longer hesitate and contact us. Based on your situation and wishes, we discuss your options concerning high-quality link building solutions.

High-quality link building = Digital word-of-mouth marketing

high-quality link building and analysis of backlink profile

Search engines attach great importance to referrals by humans and websites with a good online reputation.

Do not make the mistake of thinking like so many others… Do not think you will make it with good unique content only on your website.

The search engines’ algorithms become better and better but they are still not capable to fully appreciate valuable and unique content.

Many digital services company claim that building building backlinks has become irrelevant and useless nowadays. We do not agree with this claim as we experienced numerous examples which contradict it.

Do not be mistaken: It is stil the case that a website with limited and concise content (thin content) but with a solid backlink profile can outperform a website with way more valuable content but with a weak backlink profile in the search engines for the same keywords. Sadly enough, this is the reality that each company needs to take into account (also everyone who is starting a new website).

Search engines still rely on popularity parameters such as backlinks (online referrals) to determine the value of a certain website and/or page.

Search engines consider these backlinks as digital referrals. It is important to understand that the number of digital referrals (number of backlinks) is of no importance.

It is more interesting to accumulate less backlinks originating from websites with a high authority and reputation than to gather enormous amounts of backlinks originating from mediocre and weak websites with a dubious reputation and authority.

Quality over quantity is the key for high-quality link building

It is also important to realise it is more interesting to acquire backlinks from various unique websites on separate domains. Assume you acquire backlinks on each page of a certain website, then this will not offer a lot of extra added value from a link building perspective.

It is better to focus on building a limited number of backlinks on a huge number of relevant and high-quality websites. The number of unique domains referring to your website and hence recommending you, is of crucial importance to SEO optimisation.

Our professional sofware tools and experience enable us to be a solid link building consultant for your company and your digital presence.

Are you interested in collecting powerful backlinks on relevant and strong domain names? Which can generate visitors and boost your company’s revenue?

Then contact us without hesitation to communicate your needs and wishes.

High-quality link building – Guidelines and tips

Focus on a natural backlink profile and do not overdo it

The search engines’ algorithms evolved very strongly during recent years. Classic techniques to trick and manipulate the algorithms can only do harm as you can get punished for this. However, this does not mean that building backlinks suddenly should be penalised.

Google, still the most used search engine, has a preference for websites with a natural and high-quality backlink profile.

Each website on the Internet is assigned a certain score (a kind of online reputation score) which evolves over time. This score is influenced by many parameters such as the quality of your website’s backlink profile. The higher the score, the better and higher your website will rank in the search engine results.

Always try to combine both do-follow and no-follow links when acquiring backlinks. Also try to find the right balance between directories, blog websites, forums, social media, etc. Everything needs to be balanced!

Create good content and the rest will follow

In the online world of today, you can make the difference with good, interesting and valuable texts and images. The internet’s mechanics are incomprehensible but… You can rest assured that your unique content will be shared online, sooner or later.

By building unique and valuable pages on your website, you are in fact taking care of the organic growth of backlinks in the future. People are quicker inclined to publish a link to a high-quality and interesting article.

Build backlinks spread over time

Everything needs to happen naturally. Only build relevant backlinks. For example, a backlink published on the website of a shoe store is completely worthless for your website if you are an insurance agent.

Always be careful with huge quantities of new backlinks in a short timeframe. It is better to spread your backlink building efforts over time. Consider high-quality link building as a marathon and not a sprint.

High-quality link building solutions by Black Donkey Lab

What you can expect if you decide to appoint us as linkbuilding specialist to enhance your online visibility.

  • Analysis of your backlink profile
  • Benchmark analysis (checking how your direct competitors are building links)
  • Writing unique texts including images which contain a do-follow link pointing to your website
  • Identifying toxic backlinks and consequently contacting the webmaster to request the removal of the backlink. If we do not get a response, we solve it manually in the Google Search Console.
  • Identifying and contacting influencers in related niches to publish a potential guest blog.
  • Contacting professionals from our current network to identify relevant backlink opportunities.

Outsourcing link building to a link building consultant? Consider Black Donkey Lab

High-quality link building requires time and energy and also experience and a good network.

Do you prefer to focus on your core activities and strengths, such as finding new customers and helping existing clients with a satisfying service? Then outsource the link building process to us. By doing so, you enjoy two advantages:

  1. You avoid a huge opportunity cost (each hour you invest in building backlinks yourself is an hour less to focus on your core business)
  2. You increase the value of your website and you invest in an increasing influx of visitors in the medium and long term.

Our extensive network ensures we can build high-quality backlinks for a wide range of niches. We always focus on reputation, relevance and authority.

Interested in our high-quality link building solutions? Then contact us without any obligations in order to investigate how we can be of service to you!

Our link building solutions focus on a detailed analysis of your backlink profile. Based on your current situation, we then plan a link building strategy for the months and years to come.

As link building specialist, we only apply techniques which truly work in the long term. We do not cut corners and we ensure a part of our backlinks is integrated in uniquely written texts.

Link building agency with international client portfolio

Black Donkey Lab is a small-scale digital services provider with a strong focus on quality and performance. Our goal is to make your company stronger and this requires a focus on the long term.

Do not hesitate to have a look at our portfolio and discover in which niches, industries and countries we serve clients.

You understand it correctly: We are the perfect partner to strengthen and expand multilingual websites. We offerh igh-quality link building solutions for multilingual websites.

Contact us to discover more details.