With a lead magnet you can gain the trust of individuals who never heard of your company or website before.

Long gone are the days of when cold selling was hot. Nowadays it is more and more about inbound marketing by leveraging a digital sales funnel. This is offering valuable and unique information to build and exude authority online.

80% of the buying journey of today’s customers happens completely online. During this phase, one does not contact a representative of a company. People do their own research first, compare, and only contact the company during the last phase of their research to retrieve certain details.

Hence, it is crucial to leave a lasting impression on potential customers who are still in the first orientation phase of their buying journey. Plant a seed, leave a memorable impression, it could be this person will contact you later on for a solution.

What is a lead magnet?

lead magnet design and accompanying sales funnel design

You can package valuable information in the shape of a guide, pdf, brochure, manual, white paper, etc. and offer this as a downloadable document to your website visitors.

You always offer a lead magnet for free, often in return for some contact details of the interested website visitor (an e-mail address for example).

The most important is that this lead magnet should not solely focus on your company. Avoid being egocentric and focus on the customer instead. Nobody cares about how your company was founded and when, how many employees you have and what the sales growth is…

In fact, successful lead magnet design does just the opposite. It contains valuable information for the reader and constantly focuses on the reader’s problems and potential solutions for these problems. The visitor and reader needs to constantly be able to formulate an answer to the question:

What is in it for me?

Such a lead magnet needs to contain valuable tips, insights derived from practical experience, areas of concern, etc. The goal is always to help the potential customer with making a well-thought-out decision.

Philosophy behind a lead magnet

The philosophy behind high-quality lead magnet design is simple:

First give and then take.

Demonstrate very clearly that you know what you are doing. Demonstrating your knowledge, experience and authority is crucial in this matter. Do not be afraid to demonstrate your know-how. This is exactly what separates you from the competition! Give a glimpse behind the scenes, give some ‘secrets’ away, it creates trust.

The lead magnet needs to be so good and valuable that potential customers would even pay for it. But you do not ask money for it! You give it away for nothing. You do this to start building the relationship and the trust. And also to separate yourself from the competition!

Always focus on quality, use correct grammar and vocabulary, create a nice attractive cover, etc. In other words, make sure the lead magnet is professional, both on the outside (graphics) and the inside (content and language used)!

Return On Investment of lead magnet design

Good lead magnet design and creating a high-quality accompanying digital sales funnel costs time and energy. Such a lead magnet is not built in 5 minutes. This requires a thorough preparation concerning the table of contents and a professional graphical design.

You need to take the time to formulate which problems your company can solve and how you can logically implement this in the lead magnet’s structure and table of contents.

It is important to create realistic expectations and to not exagerate. Nobody benefits from creating unrealistic expectations if you can not deliver on those promises eventually.

Depending on your niche and industry, a high-quality lead magnet can generate a splendid Return On Investment… It all depends on a few crucial elements such as how long your lead magnet’s content remains up-to-date and valid!

Keep the lead magnet evergreen

lead magnet design and increasing sales funnel conversions

Design the content of the lead magnet while keeping the future in mind. Keep it relevant for several years and avoid data and details which can easily become outdated.

For example, do not implement statistics and figures of this year in your lead magnet. Because when someone downloads your lead magnet next year, this individual will have the feeling that your content is outdated (it creates an unprofessional image).

To keep the ROI of your lead magnet design as high as possible, it is important to strategically build content which can stay relevant for many years in a row.

High-quality lead magnet design is our specialty at Black Donkey Lab so contacteer us if you would like to receive professional guidance!

Create a sexy & professional presentation

Do you think an e-book, digital brochure or guide is attractive if it has dull colours with an outdated font and semiprofessional images? Indeed, there is only a small chance you will read something like this. Additionally, this kind of graphical design immediately triggers a negative connotation in your subconsciousness.

Perception is crucial, certainly in a rapidly digitising world. For professional lead magnet design, this means both the front and back cover need to be professionally designed.

Instantly separate the wheat from the chaff

Your website visitors need to read very clearly what the added value of the lead magnet is. In other words, you list all the advantages of reading the lead magnet on a professionally built landing page.

You also need to mention for whom this lead magnet is intended in order to directly attract certain visitors of your target group who feel affinity with your offer. As such, you solely focus your efforts on potential clients and not on the entire world. Try to be as specific as possible as this leaves a remarkeable impression with your target audience.

On this landing page you certainly need to focus on the pain points of your visitors. You describe how they will discover and learn certain things while reading the lead magnet. For example, mention they will discover how to solve problem A, how to go about problem B and an overview of frequently made mistakes they should avoid, etc.

Implement Calls To Action in the lead magnet

In the lead magnet, you implement links to certain valuable pages on your website which explain a certain topic more in-depth.

Preferably you also implement Calls To Action in your lead magnet: eye-catching buttons and/or text links which directly link to a contact page or quote request page on your website.

You always need to enable the potential customer to quickly contact your company with a few clicks.

This seems futile but it is not. It is crucial. Conversion rates (from anonymous visitor to known lead) depend on such Calls To Action.

A few of our lead magnets

Looking for a sales funnel creator? Contact us for lead magnet design

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We can build a digital sales funnel from A to Z, including:

  • Creation of front and back cover,
  • Creation of appealing content,
  • Implementation of Calls To Action in the lead magnet,
  • Connecting the links and Calls To Action in the lead magnet to your Google Analytics in order to track and measure how many readers convert into a lead (and into a customer later on),
  • Designing a sexy landing page to convince the proper individuals to have a look at your lead magnet, etc.

We focus on lead generation and improving conversion rates. Our passion is to help you with professional lead magnet design and to help you grow your business.