Facebook lead generation is hot. It is the world’s largest social network and a goldmine for marketers. How can your company benefit as well?

Attracting new customers on Facebook can work really effective and many companies still underestimate the advertising opportunities on Facebook.

Two possibilities – Generating customers on Facebook

Broadly speaking, you have two options to generate potential customers on Facebook:

  1. By leveraging Facebook’s organic and free reach, and
  2. By leveraging paid advertising on Facebook

You can reach people for free by publishing posts on your professional Facebook page. These posts can then potentially become visible in the newsfeed of the people who follow your page. However, Facebook’s free organich reach drastically declined since a few years.

This means it becomes increasingly difficult to get free exposure in the newsfeed of your fans.

You can also decide to opt for paid advertising on Facebook. This is not for free but in return you are guaranteed that your message will be shown to the Facebook users (profiles) of your choice.

How we operate as Facebook lead generation agency

leveraging facebook to generate more customers and leads online

Segmentation and targeting buyer personas is possible

Together we discuss the solutions you are offering and what type of customers you serve. Furthermore, we draft a few buyer personas which are representative for the various customers you serve.

We define such a buyer persona based on several parameters such as gender, age, residence, language, interests, etc.

Generating customers through Facebook is possible with a very segmented approach!

Effective targeting for a fraction of the cost

In the past, you needed to buy a spot in the local or national newspaper or in a magazine. Or you bought a radio or television spot. Or you started advertising on huge billboards along the road.

The problem with this old way of advertising is that you waste a large portion of your advertising budget. The reason is you are also paying money to show your message to people who are completely uninterested in your services and/or products. And that is money down the drain.

Luckily, this problem comes to an end if you use a solid Facebook advertisement which focuses on converting the proper market segment and target group. Facebook’s advertising costs are only a fraction of the older methods’ costs and you can easily determine how much money you would like to spend.

Various options are available (Cost per thousand impressions, Cost per click, etc.) and depending on your goals, we can select the proper advertising method.

Contact us for more information about an effective Facebook ad campaign tailored to the needs of your company. Generating customers on Facebook does not have to be complicated!

Facebook uses intelligent algorithm

generating customers with facebook advertising

Our past experiences taught us that Facebook advertising deliver the best results if they are optimised for conversions.

You display the advertisement and the Facebook pixel enables Facebook’s algorithm to monitor which profiles click on your ad, which profiles convert on your ad (buying something online, leaving their contact details behind to receive more info, etc.)

As soon as Facebook’s algorithm gathered enough data, the more effective and the more powerful it becomes. Provided you allocate sufficient budget, you can collect enough data during a run-in period.

Next, you can further roll out the advertisement by targeting the profiles which are more likely to convert (based on Facebook’s internal algorithm). This algorithm is extremely powerful and is capable of targeting and converting similar profiles based on your initial conversions during the run-in period.

Adjusting based on conversion data

To summarise: We start targeting a broad audience and let Facebook’s algorithm do the work. This degree of intelligence is unparalleled in the marketing landscape and generates the best results for your marketing budget. Instantly defining a really specific target group ourselves and targeting it is not how we work.

After a run-in period, we analyse the statistics and adjust where necessary. The converted profiles are analysed and the message can be shown to more profiles with similar characteristics (age, gender, residence, interests, language, etc.)

Systematically zooming in and adjusting generates the best results.

During this phase, we focus on real conversions. We never focus on a high Click Through Rate (this is not the most important) but we do focus on the total Conversion Rate. A high Click Through Rate without a decent conversion rate means your advertisement is worthless.

Contact us without hesitation to discover how we could assist your company as a Facebook lead generation agency.

Get help from our Facebook lead generation agency

Are you interested in advertising on Facebook with a campaign tailored to your company, products and services? Then consider to appoint our Facebook lead generation agency for our professional guidance and services.

You can count on us to set up and maintain your professional Facebook page.

Besides that you can also count on our Facebook lead generation agency to organise, optimise and monitor an effective and professional marketing campaign on Facebook (paid campaign).

We are capable of launching a good and effective Facebook ad for your company based on years of experience. As such, generating customers on Facebook becomes possible instead of impossible.

Advertising on Facebook is possible with dozens of strategies and with various ad formats. Depending on your specific products and services, we select the most suitable and effective ad format.

A lot is possible concerning Facebook’s advertising costs as well. This is accessible to small and medium-sized enterprises and even self-employed individuals with a smaller budget. Launching a sponsored message on Facebook does not have to cost an arm and a leg. Facebook also offers a lot of flexibility concerning the running time of an ad campaign.