Looking for affordable website design for your business and activities? Then we could become your preferred partner!

We do not offer a “one size fits all” solution. Instead, we build a high-quality, custom-made website which fits your needs exactly.

affordable website design by digital marketing agency

At Black Donkey Lab, we create and build custom-made professional websites which compete with the best when it comes to value for money.

We do not deliver “one size fits all” solutions but only create custom-made websites which are optimised and completely finished. We do not deliver naked frameworks which you need to complete yourself with content. We take this task upon us and do so according to best practices.

We always try to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and developments in the online industry. Our ultimate goal is to increase your website’s online visibility and to optimise your website’s search engine rankings.

Affordable website design according to best practices

You can count on us for a website which matches your company, wishes and corporate identity. We always keep the user experience and your current corporate colours and logo in mind.

Optimised for search engines

Ending up as high as possible in the search engine results is a task which takes time, effort and patience. This process of search engine optimisation should start at the moment the website is being developed.

We build websites that are liked by search engines such as Google and Bing. We therefore deploy the correct code and build each page with a focus on on-page SEO. Obviously, we build responsive websites which are easily legible on any type of device.

Focus on structure and overview

We do not like unruly websites. In fact, a website consisting of a labyrinth of pages without a clear hierarchy and with an unruly menu structure sends shivers down our spine.

A professional website is actually way more than a graphically attractive website reflecting your corporate branding.

A professional website is also a coherent and logical combination of web pages which results in a clear hierarchy. This hierarchy always needs to be clearly visible for visitors when looking at the menu and the composition of the URLs.

Professional website development as durable solution

We can offer you a professional website which is ready for the future. Namely, the websites we build can have an unlimited number of pages and languages. For example, you could easily add another language in the future without having to invest again in a completely new website.

Combined with a fully responsive design of the website, this means you can count on a durable solution for the medium to long term.

Editing is easy and flexible

Our websites are built with the Content Management System WordPress. This gives you the advantage of always being able to edit or add content yourself. You are no longer dependent on an IT-firm and you can quickly make changes to your website yourself if you want to.

In other words, you are the boss of your own website and gone are the days you had to wait around for someone else to make the changes you requested weeks ago.

Your company deserves an excellent, unique website. We always strive to implement a clear structure and apply search engine optimisation. At the same time, we also focus on converting your website visitors into leads for your business.

Thanks to our experience in various niches, we know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to online lead generation. We always build websites that stimulate the right visitors to contact you. View our portfolio and let us convince you.


A few of our realisations

What you can expect

If you decide to appoint us to build your professional website, you can count on the following:

  • You can make changes yourself

    We build websites powered by the Content Management System WordPress. This offers the advantage that you can easily edit and add to your website’s content.

  • Optimised for the search engines

    We deliver websites which are completely optimised for the search engines. Not solely concerning the framework but also concerning the implementation of content on the pages. You can count on us to apply the tricks of the trade on each page of your website.

    As a customer, you do not need to deal with a naked, empty framework which you need to fill yourself (you are not experienced with the tricks of the trade so better let us assist you).

  • Continuously up-to-date

    We ensure continuous updates and security of your website. As such, your website remains protected and compatible with new browser versions. Your website always remains technically up-to-date and will be running the latest software.

  • Domain name and e-mail address(es)

    We reserve your domain name or take care of its transfer from your current website builder. We also take care of creating the necessary e-mail addresses.

    If you use an external company for your e-mail addresses, domain names and servers, then that’s no problem. If this is the case, then we build your website and coordinate with this company to get your brand new website live.

  • Periodic, daily back-ups

    The website and e-mail inboxes get a daily back-up. Hence, you can not lose much if you decide to make changes to the website for example. Restoring a previous version of the website is always possible.

  • Fast follow-up and support

    We do not like to experience a slow and sluggish follow-up ourselves. As a consequence, we always try to react quickly when you need help.

  • Icons and professional images

    Do you not have enough images? Then that is no problem at all. Depending on your specific wishes and needs, we select the proper professional images for your website.

  • Honest value for money ratio

    A fully functional and filled website according to best practices (so not solely a naked and empty framework) at a competitive price. That is our offer.

  • Unlimited languages and pages

    With our solutions you are prepared for the future. Cutting down on your web pages or wanting to add more? It’s possible without restrictions. Do you wish to add extra languages? Not a problem either!

  • Advice and guidance

    Do you wish a professional website which generates leads and customers? Then we are the appropriate partner to achieve your goals with affordable website design. We build websites which effectively generate customers.

Our approach

Appointing us for affordable website design is a process of several phases. When building a professional website, we work as follows:

Quote for affordable website design

A holistic approach is what makes us unique

We are atypical website builders because we join our client’s thought process concerning sales growth and market penetration. Our passion is lead generation and our strength is matching your products and services with the proper keywords.

We build problem-solving websites for visitors which means many web pages are built around problem-focused keywords and not around product names or services. This is the ultimate way to purposefully attract the right website visitors.

During an in-depth discussion, we analyse your service and product offerings and figure out who your customers are and what types of markets you serve. Based on our findings, we then start the keyword research with professional software.

For this keyword research, we start from your products and services and which problems they can solve.

Subsequently, we match each product/service with a corresponding keyword (a keyword with decent monthly search volume and feasible competition).

In the next phase, we fill the website and build each page according to best practices. Each page is built around the allocated keyword for that specific page. This means that the texts, URLs and images are optimised for SEO purposes, etc.

For an illustration, view our portfolio here [English version coming soon]

Besides that, we also have experience with search engine optimisation, conversion optimisation (converting visitors into leads) and paid advertising.

Do you want a professional website which is completely optimised? And are you looking for an honest agency which offers affordable website design? Then don’t hesitate and contact us to discover how we can serve you!

Manual, digital tour, and measuring tools

Counting on our agency for affordable website design also means you receive an extensive manual to use the content management system yourself. The person who will be responsible for your digital presence also receives a digital tour in the content management system.

You learn more about the basic principles of SEO in this manual and during this digital tour. Among others, you will be able to publish, change and hide web pages yourself.

We also establish a connection with Google Analytics which allows you to continuously monitor the evolution and composition of your website traffic and visitors.

WordPress as Content Management System

All professional websites we build are powered by the Content Management System WordPress.

The advantage of choosing a professional website powered by WordPress is the focus on scalability and user-friendliness.

Do you want a professional website which is logically built and optimised for the search engines? Then don’t hesitate to contact us in order to figure out how we can make your company stronger with our affordable website design.