SEO optimisation sounds like Chinese to many people but the concept is in fact easy to explain.

As website owner, you wish many people visit your website. As such, you get more visibility, attention, leads and customers.

You have multiple options and strategies to attract website visitors. SEO optimisation is such a strategy and focuses on the attraction of visitors from the search engines FOR FREE.

In other words, by cleverly applying SEO optimisation you can attract free visitors from Google. For this purpose, you need to rank as high as possible in the search results with your website’s pages for certain keywords that people type in search engines such as Google and Bing.

SEO optimisation to increase your sales

Countless publications suggest Pareto’s Law or the 80/20 rule applies to the online search behaviour of people.

This means a large majority of people who type in a certain keyword will only consider a tiny amount of the search results for that keyword. Only a tiny minority of search engine users bothers to look at the search results on page 2 and further.

On the first page of the search results, the three top positions attract the bulk of the internet traffic. As a consequence, ranking in the top three for a certain keyword which is important for your company is crucial.

The higher your website ranks in the search engines, the more visibility, the more clicks, the more visitors, the more conversions, the more leads, the more customers and the more sales you will have (which normally means more profit as well).

SEO optimisation to demonstrate authority

Your website needs to contain lots of valuable texts and information. As such, you increase the chances of ranking high in the search results for a variety of related keywords in the long run.

What happens to someone who is looking for something in a search engine and always sees the same website appearing in the top results for related keywords?

This person starts to trust your website and company. The thought process is as follows:

Because Google constantly displays this website in the top results, this must be a trustworthy website and a valuable source of information.

Trust is created and there is less friction left for the prospective customer to contact your company.

By ranking high in the search results with high-quality and carefully written information, you establish authority for your website and company. Because everything is about perception, also online, such an appearance is desirable to grow and to achieve your company’s goals and targets!

SEO optimisation – Crucial components

Information on the website

Information contains text, images, contact forms, videos and documents among others. This content must look visually attractive. But unfortunately, this is insufficient.

Above all, the information must be written in an appealing way as well. The content has to inspire and needs to offer solutions to the website visitor.

What separates a professional website from a mediocre one, is the smart implementation of relevant keywords in this valuable content.

Based on relevant keyword research we identify valuable keywords. Next, we match these with specific pages on your website.

For more information we would like to refer you to our page about SEO Copywriting.

Making website visitors satisfied & happy

affordable seo optimisation more website visibility for website in googleThe optimisation of your website also means providing a pleasant interface and a clear structure. The interface needs to be handy and the website needs to be perfectly displayed on various screen sizes.

Simply put: Google’s algorithm takes into account the usability and the ease of use of your website. To rank higher in the search results, you need to perform well in the following areas:

  • Structured website design. Is the website’s structure logical and well-organised? Does the website have a logical and hierarchical architecture?
  • Streamlined user experience. Can new website visitors easily find their way on your website? Is the site structured in a way which allows visitors to quickly understand where and how they can consult relevant information on your website?
  • Valuable and unique content. Is your website’s content unique and is it conversion-oriented? Do you provide valuable insights in a way which is different and unique? It is important to develop your own style which needs to keep the balance between providing valuable information to visitors and achieving your own goals such as online lead generation.
  • Smart implementation of relevant keywords. Your content may be unique and original… However, if you optimise this content around the wrong keywords (or you just don’t optimise it at all), then you don’t stand a chance of ranking high in the search results. You need to target keywords with a feasible competitiveness (depends on your niche, your domain’s authority and your competitors’ efforts). We can assist you with our experience and professional tools with an affordable SEO service.
  • High-quality backlink profile. Are there any other niche-related websites which link to your website? You need to enable people to discover your website if they are interested in your niche. Hence, you should secure backlinks on relevant websites with lots of visitors related to your niche, services and/or products. And are you solving the problem of toxic backlinks on spam websites? A high-quality backlink profile is important to rank higher in the search results! Google’s tracking registers how many visitors visit your website via which backlinks and what these visitors’ behaviour is once they landed on your website. Good statistics give you an advantage compared to the competition.
  • Cross-channel promotion on social media. Is your company active on social media and do your social media channels contain links to your website? Does your website link to your social media channels? Is it easy for a website visitor to share certain info on your website on social media? Website visitors coming via social media channels are valuable. They signal the search engines that the information on your website is interesting and worth reading.

Technical structure of the website (code)

affordable seo optimisation top results google for free

Search engines function based on complex algorithms and have automated web crawlers (type of automated search bots) which constantly crawl the Internet. These bots map out all websites and periodically revisit them to register and index potential changes and new pages.

Bottom line: Your website needs to be easily crawlable for such an automated website crawler like Google’s for example. Your website needs to be technically impeccable, for example regarding the code and sitemap.

Such a sitemap allows search engines to index your website. As such, all your website’s pages can be easily registered in the databases of search engines such as Google and Bing. Thanks to this mechanism, your pages can be shown in the search results when someone types in a keyword which is related to your website’s pages.

Furthermore each page on your website needs to get on-page SEO. This means each page needs to be built and optimised around a keyword with high potential. Alternative semantic keywords also need to be included in the texts and images.

Indeed, also images need to get SEO optimisation. Their file size needs to be decreased in order not to spoil the website’s speed and load time. Additionally, also the technical parameters deserve attention. Think of the file name, alt tag and title tag. If you skip these tasks, then you miss out on a decent amount of monthly visitors.

Links to the website

A healthy and valuable backlink profile for your website is important and relevant. Don’t believe the self-proclaimed gurus who claim backlinks no longer play a role. Backlinks do play a significant role, also in the Internet of today.

A backlink from a valuable website in the same niche for example can really add value concerning both the number of website visitors and increased domain authority.

The more authoritative websites – relevant in the same or related niche – link to your website, the better for your website. These links get indexed by the web crawlers of the search engines.

These crawlers take note of more and more exits (other websites placing a so-called backlink to your website) being built to your digital city (your website). The fact that other valuable websites grant their visitors the opportunity to discover your website is a valuable signal for the search engines. It indicates these websites trust your website and are willing to promote it publicly.

In the medium and long term, high-quality backlinks boost your web pages’ rankings in the search results of the search engines.

Affordable SEO optimisation services

A few of the affordable SEO optimisation services we can deliver to strengthen your website and its digital presence:

  • Affordable SEO copywriting and optimising texts for the search engines
  • Implementing texts and images according to best Search Engine Optimisation practices)
  • Keyword research (determining search volumes and competition with professional software and selecting the best ones to match with your products and services)
  • Strengthening your website by maintaining a clean and high-quality backlink profile (fighting spam links and building additional backlinks of good quality)
  • Analysis of your website visitors’ behaviour and adapting where necessary concerning internal links to increase the Time On Site. It is important to keep the bounce rate of your website visitors as low as possible (bounce rate = the percentage of visitors which lands on a page of your website and immediately leave again without consulting another page).
  • Image optimisation (decreasing file size) to optimise the load time of the web pages (slow websites get punished by search engines and their visitors)
  • Increasing and optimising the load time of the web pages
  • Strengthening the domain by promoting the website on social media channels
  • Building high-quality backlinks to the website

Slight nuance about SEO Optimisation

SEO optimisation is a long-term investment. It is the process of attracting a growing stream of visitors to your website in the medium to long term.

One acquires these website visitors ‘for free’ as they type in a keyword in the search engine and subsequently click on a link to your website because a certain page of your website ranks in the top of the search results. This is in contrast with paid advertising where you use Google Ads for example to attract website visitors for a fee (pay per click).

Also take into account that a holistic approach should be applied to SEO optimisation. It is insufficient to only pay attention to one or only a few aspects of SEO. To really rank high in the search engines, your website needs to be optimised in all the areas mentioned above. The overall picture needs to be perfect if you wish to dominate the search engine results.

In the long run, these efforts pay off and yield a continuous stream of free visitors.

Consider SEO optimisation as something for the long term which enables you to decrease your paid advertising budgets in the future. However, it is worth noting that a brand new website on a new domain requires a lot of time to achieve a decent level of free website visitors (organic traffic).

Do you wish to have an immediate impact with a new domain? Then you will have to opt for paid advertising from the start. You can set up a paid Google Ads campaign for example. This way, you rank higher in the search results with a paid message.

By delivering a continuous effort concerning SEO optimisation, your website can grow organically while you need less and less advertising budget to achieve the same amount of website visitors. Our affordable SEO optimisation services can drastically decrease your dependence on paid advertising in the long run.

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