Do you want a website revamp with a professional approach and no worries? Then let us inspire you with the following website rebuilding project for DBG Classics, a manufacturer of beautiful greenhouses in wrought iron and glass.

Below you can read more detailed information about the initial situation, why rebuilding the website was the right choice, which role we played in the website rebranding and building the revamped website and the advantages for the customer.

Rebuilding website: Why it was necessary

rebuilding website for manufacturer of greenhouses professional approach

The manufacturer already had a website live which promoted the greenhouses in wrought iron and glass. However, after several years the website lost its novelty while Google also launched a few major updates to its algorithm.

To cut a long story short: The initial old website was not mobile-friendly and not responsive. In other words, the website was outdated for mobile users (really annoying to visit a website which is not smoothly readable on a tablet or smartphone).

Furthermore, Google announced to update its algorithm in order to punish websites which are not mobile-friendly by disadvantaging them in the rankings of the search results. Hence, rebuilding the website suddenly became quite urgent…

To conclude, the client had plenty of reasons to revamp the website, including all necessary (technical) bells and whistles.

Trilingual website – Rebuilding website to reach more people

DBG Classics is a manufacturer and installer of stylish vintage wrought iron greenhouses. The company appointed us at the end of 2015 to rebuild and restructure their website, to make it mobile-friendly and to optimise it for the search engines.

We made the revamped website mobile-friendly and each page is accessible in three languages: Dutch, French and English. Moreover, each page is optimised for the search engines concerning:

  • Keyword research in three languages
  • Copywriting (our services included SEO copywriting)
  • Editing images, reducing the file size and assigning SEO parameters in three languages
  • Technical on-page SEO optimisation
  • Building internal links to increase user-friendliness and the time on site

For this project, we tried to find the balance between visual components (the beautiful greenhouses), technical information, calls to action and contact forms.

Expanding the website – Website maintenance

The realisations of the company (greenhouses which were installed in clients’ gardens) are gradually supplemented with new projects. Each realisation is built on a separate page and is always accessible in three languages.

We take care of this task (gradually adding new content) and we assign an interesting focus keyword to each project to have a maximal impact in the search engines. We edit all images, we prepare them to load faster online and we optimise these images’ SEO paremeters so they can also pop up in Google Images for example.

You can find examples of these periodically published realisations here. These belong to the category portfolio, which functions as a digital catalogue (a website brochure). This section on the website serves as a graphically oriented lead magnet.

By periodically adding new content and incorporating more and different relevant keywords, this website becomes stronger and stronger concerning its digital footprint. This can also be concluded by analysing the growing number of website visitors and number of request from all over the world.

The advantage of a multilingual website in a smaller specialised niche is that you stand a good chance of being found online. This greenhouse website is a good example of how rebuilding a website can bring real added value to your company!

Periodic news updates while paying attention to SEO

This manufacturer of wrought iron greenhouses yearly participates in multiple interesting garden and agricultural fairs.

We take care of an extensive news update to announce the company will participate as an exhibitor on such a fair in the section news on the website. This approach makes a website visitor realise he/she can also discover and view the greenhouses while visiting such a fair (which could be close to his/her home).

We can provide and create these news updates with unique texts and images which are optimised for the search engines. This means we first look for a suitable keyword (with decent search volume and a low competitiveness) and build the news update around this focus keyword.

This ensures a stable influx of additional website visitors, now and in the medium to long term.

Lead generation is the goal – Rebuilding website

The client instructed us to rebuild and revamp the website while keeping one goal in mind: the generation of high-quality leads. Hence, we designed the website in such a way that visitors can easily find and consult:

  • The digital brochure (realisations) with an overview of lots of beautiful greenhouses installed in existing clients’ gardens (this lead magnet serves as a great source of inspiration for website visitors),
  • The contact form to request more detailed information, and
  • The form to request a quote online. Website visitors also have the option to directly send a picture or floor plan of the current situation while requesting a quote. This offers DBG Classics the opportunity to have a look at the surroundings and the exact location of the place where you wish to install the wrought iron greenhouse.
  • We implement Calls To Action everywhere in order to demonstrate that getting in touch is really easy and can happen very fast.

DBG Classics also has access to the website’s backend which enables them to publish a new realisation themselves.

However, they decide to outsource this task because of the opportunity costs and our added value concerning writing appealing texts including SEO optimisation. Rebuilding website? It does not have to have such a large impact on your daily activities if you partner with us!

Including digital training – Rebuilding website services

We provided a detailed training session for DBG Classics. We also provided them with a manual and of course we remain at their disposal to resolve small problems.

The cooperation with this niche player runs smoothly and both parties are happy with the synergy which came into existence because of this cooperation.

DBG Classics is one of our first customers which means we are very grateful to them for trusting us with this website revamping project!

To finalise we would like to share a testimonial of DBG Classics’ founder and director Donald Desloover:

Before Black Donkey Lab’s intervention, our website already generated leads but I had the feeling we could do better. Back then, the website was not mobile-friendly and there was room for improvement concerning the images, the website’s structure, the way the products were structured and search engine optimisation.

I decided to hand Black Donkey Lab a blank cheque and after a few feedback rounds, we finalised an extremely good website. Two years later, thanks to Black Donkey Lab’s intervention, we were able to increase the number of quote requests by 700 percent. In other words, the number of requests increased +/- 7 times on a monthly basis and the growth continues to take place.

Black Donkey Lab is not an average IT agency. In the first place it is a lead generating machine and everything they do and design is focused on generating leads. And this is what is the most important after all: customers and sales. Black Donkey Lab strengthened us in a way I have never seen before. Fantastic job!

Rebuilding website? – Contact us

Do you run a company which sells services and products which are comparable to those DBG Classics is offering? And do you wish to rebuild your website? Do you wish to know more about how to boost your digital presence and the number of leads your website is currently generating? Contact us without hesitation.

We are able to do more than solely deliver a website which will just fiddle around after the launch. Together we design a proper growth strategy for the long term. A strategy for a professional website which focuses on growing your business: generating leads needs to be the main focus when you are planning to renew and rebrand your website.

Designing a content calendar together, creation of appealing texts which are optimised for the search engines, based on clever keyword research, editing images, making animation videos to publish on your Youtube channel and/or website, creating a logical and clear structure for your products and services, search engine optimisation, paid ad campaigns on Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

We never avoid obstacles and we always try to find a solution for each budget. Rebuilding website? Consider to appoint us as your partner!