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You can count on our digital marketing company to give your online presence a professional boost.

Goal of digital marketing company Black Donkey lab

Our digital marketing company’s primary goal is to strengthen your company regarding online visibility and the generation of leads and clients online.

By relying on our services, you can count on a holistic approach regarding your online presence.

Depending on your situation, wishes and needs, you can count on us for advice and help regarding the following matters:

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Affordable Website
Content Creation
Search Engine Optimisation
Keyword Planning
Backlink Monitoring *
Facebook Advertising *
LinkedIn Advertising *
Lead Magnet *
Marketing Management
Visual Creations

Our Strengths


First of all, we are entrepeneurs who participate in the thinking process to grow your portfolio of clients and sales

If you partner with us, you can count on business intellect and entrepreneurship first of all. At our company, we favour action after a careful preparation. Forget technical chit-chat, false promises, long delays and worthless deadlines.

Top service and customisation with a focus on lead generation in the medium and long-term, that is what we stand for.

As far as we are concerned, lead generation by leveraging your company’s website should be an important goal of every organisation.

We build websites which behave like well-oiled lead machines

On the Internet, your website is your company’s digital business card. It is the foundation of all marketing campaigns to be launched in the future.

At our digital marketing company, we consider your website to be the foundation of your online presence which functions as the basis for the generation of high-quality leads.

While building a professional website, our service does more than merely delivering an empty website framework which your organisation still needs to fill with content. On the contrary, we guarantee a complete service from A to Z.

As such, we optimise your entire website in order to increase your visibility online and to ensure you have nothing to worry about.

This search engine optimisation is done in compliance with the codes of practice. We can also select images and videos and write compelling copy if necessary.

If you appoint our digital marketing company Black Donkey Lab to build your professional website, you can count on:

Digital marketing company Black Donkey Lab

SEO-optimisation, building a website, and ongoing development - that's a marathon and not a sprint

We go the extra mile concerning keyword research and search engine optimisation or SEO. And this also applies to the further development of your website if desired (periodically publishing new content on the website).

Developing your website in a disciplined manner creates a self-reinforcing snowball effect in the medium to long term

Our strength as digital marketing company is our ability to periodically add new and relevant content and images, optimised around the correct keywords. In combination with building valuable niche-related backlinks, you assure your website’s future with this.

By developing your website in a disciplined manner, you invest in the visitors, requests and revenue of tomorrow. More quality content which is optimised for the search engines leads to more visitors, more backlinks, more authority, more leads, more clients and more sales.



Storytelling and narrating a story which sticks in the mind of the website visitor is an art. This is precisely our strength. By finding a balance between text, imagery and video, we always try to create a unique user experience for your website’s visitors.

Are you wondering what we mean exactly by storytelling, SEO-optimisation, etc.? Then let us inspire you with a few custom-built websites for our clients. Check our portfolio and discover the carefully developed combination of text, images, videos, buttons, links and conversion points.




We always try to build your website with a focus on conversions. This is where our experience concerning website visitors’ behaviour and online conversions comes in handy. For example, we always try to create a feeling of trust in the visitor’s mind in order to increase the likelihood of this person converting on the website…

(A conversion is a certain action you would like the user to undertake such as buying a product, completing a form, downloading a file, subscribing for a newsletter or event, or simply clicking a button.)

Do you wish to receive more information or do you have questions about how we could be of service to you as a digital marketing company? Then contact us without any obligations!